Coaching and Innovation

Developing skills and know-how in coaching and innovation is becoming increasingly important for people all over the world.

What is Coaching & Innovation?


Why choose this program?

This program meets the specific needs of busy executives and entrepreneurs who want to find innovative and practical solutions to the challenges they face as individuals or in their organizations.

Seize new opportunities

You will be able to recognize opportunity, identify promising changes and act to take advantage of them in your current organization or business venture.

Adopt a new way of thinking

This program will help you find creative solutions to the challenges you face as an individual or in your organization.

Drive innovation

You will be able to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Our coaching program focuses on developing your ability to drive more innovation in your organization. PragmaDoms offers the needed coach training program. We give you the tools and methods to coach clients from start to finish, set up a practice and stand apart in the competitive field.

Focus on business strategy

We will guide you to implement new strategies or enhance the effectiveness of your current one.

How would you benefit with us?

In Coaching & Innovation at PragmaDoms, we will give you or your organization hands-on support to challenge existing thinking and allow further growth. We will push you outside of the box by applying creative coaching techniques to bring energy, startup mindset, and creativity.

Here are three reasons why choose coaching with PragmaDoms:

We will give you the structure,  the right methodologies, and the coaching support to move quickly and adaptively from problems to solutions.

We are constantly aware of shifting paradigms and new trends in the industry. Our future-thinking will inspire you and adapt your way of working to new drivers of value.

We don’t push any particular methodology. We scientifically blend the best of design thinking and innovation with existing frameworks in your company.


No requirements needed.

The Coaching & Innovation Program usually takes from a minimum of 3 months to 1 year, depending on the individual or the group’s availability, progress and program design.

We also run smaller workshops that give you an innovation and creativity boost.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

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