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Get Certified as an ICF Certified Executive Coach via an In-Person Seminar

Location:5 Stars Resort
Date: October 20, 2017   Time


At Pragmadoms, we offer to rejuvenate your mind with a 3-day Executive Coaching retreat at a 5-star Resort.

We promise to provide you an Executive Coaching and Mentoring facility that is truly extraordinaire. Our focus is to expose you to a distinctive learning adventure, where you can maximize your leadership qualities, learn to have fruitful relationships with your team, and to make yourself more effective.

Allow us to take you through an unprecedented journey - to a safe haven, which will be a 5-star luxury resort that breathes fun, happiness, fulfillment and inspiration.

During these four days, we will empower and stimulate you and other like-minded people, to discover how you can belong to any successful team. We coach to bring out the excellence in you!

Upon completion of the intensive program, you will walk out armed with