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Meet Nada, a visionary leader and expert Master Coach. With a unique perspective on human behavior and dynamics gained from a lifetime of personal growth and development, Nada has established herself as a sought-after coach for executives and leaders. As the founder of PragmaDoms (Lebanon, UAE, Egypt and USA) and Coaching In Lebanon, Nada’s passion for coaching and empowering others is evident in her work, making her a highly regarded figure in the industry. Whether working with individuals or leading her own organizations, Nada is dedicated to helping others achieve their fullest potential.
About us-Founder

Master Coach Nada has an unmatched experience of:

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“Empowering others and embracing growth go hand in hand, for it’s only through our own expansion that we can uplift and inspire those around us.”


Nada Jreissati

About Master Coach Nada

She was the first person to bring Accredited Coaching to Lebanon in 2013.

INSEAD Certified, ICF Mentor, Master Certified and Professional Certified Coach. Nada is specialized in workplace leadership, HR-TD and communication with more than 23 years of experience in developmental solutions, working with regional and multinational organizations from various private and public industry sectors.

A member of the International Coaching Federation “ICF” since 2006.

Nada is recognized and known for raising awareness on coaching practices and bringing the best of coaching in Lebanon and the region. She is also accredited as a professional Mentor Coach, a very rare recognition in the region.

An ongoing success.

Today, Nada practices coaching almost daily, offering unparalleled value, helping organizations in nearly all sectors in this region and coaching individuals, executives and top talents from various backgrounds.

International recognition & contribution

In 2017 INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools selected Master Coach Nada from a very small worldwide group of coaches.

She participated in their pilot executive coaching program, which will be offered for the first time to the public in October. Moreover, during this year, she was chosen by the ICF to assist them in changing their competencies. She has also been the keynote speaker of the Middle East for the International Coaching Federation on their 20 years anniversary world tour in Romania. These milestones set Master Coach Nada aside from all coaches in the region!

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