What our customers say about us


Thank you for bringing out the best in us ! You are a true inspiration

Raya Frem Daou, HR Manager, Brands for less

This training will definitely help me change lots of things. my attitude included !

Rana Rizk, Assistante de Chef de Departement, Faculté des Sciences agronomiques, USEK

I loved the course and I would definitely consider a career in coaching beside training after completing my certification. The power of coaching was visible in Mrs. Nada's behaviour and communication style.

Abbas Daher, Trainer Specialist (Regional), Azadea Group

I would like to place on record the excellent experience we had while attending the Leadership Skills training. The training was very insightful, precise, up to date and real-world oriented.
We really enjoyed all the sessions and the way the trainer incorporated case studies, and practical theories to make the training very interesting and memorable.
All the trainers’ presentation skills, knowledge on the topics, subject matter expertise and ability to respond to queries were excellent. The training infrastructure was also very good.

Mohamad El Sayed, General Manager, Nayyara

I enjoyed the positive atmosphere, it was such a good idea of visiting our offices and applying removing clutter and sharing our problems.

Rita Kamel , Assistant to Commercial Director, Delta Trading, Time Management Workshop

First of all, I would like to Thank you for assisting us with all our queries and providing us support with quick response to all my emails.
You have been able to assist me and guide me through the entire process.

This coaching session have created a highly interactive learning environment for me and to share a lot of opportunities and ideas from each other.
It has been ongoing with good benefits fresh perspectives on professional challenges, enhanced decision making skills and increased confidence while dealing with situations.

I highly recommend this program for those who want to incorporate coaching as part of their leadership toolkit.

Nisha Jivani, Senior Performance Management Specialist, Azadea Group LLC

All the time, I found myself facing problems without knowing how to act in some situation; so this course came at the suitable time for helping me on how to act.

Faten Ramadan, GS, General Secuity

I am writing to inform you of my soon start of a new job that brings along professional development.
I want to thank you for all your help. My appreciation comes from seeing the effects of what you've talked about in the first impression, better communication and all the other workshops.
May you continue this glorious path.

Safaa Hanjoul, English Teacher, Educational Institutions

Thank you PragmaDoms Nada Jreissati Daher! As usual, enriching, fulfilling and full of great interactions! Looking forward to our next belt :)

Joyce Bejjani, Red Belt Attendee, PragmaDoms

Personal and Life Coach certification is the the first thing which I accomplished since a while ago. I have passed through tough "conditions"which halted me to accomplish things I have begun with, which put a lot of barriers and fears in my life. Through the life coaching process with Nada Jreissati Daher at PragmaDoms and under the ICF certification program, I have passed through a tough phase, when my fears tried to stop me accomplishing it. But with dedication, the life coaching program and its impact were strong. And finally I have conquered. Thank you. ~Manhal Bou Diab ~

Manhal Abou Diab, Life Coaching, Life and Personal Coach Student

I don’t know how to start. To the person who brought me back to myself, to my role model and the best coach in the world.
You have really changed my life. I am saying it with all my heart. I started knowing what I want and what I need.
Coaching helped me reach where I want to go and not let anything stop me. Without coaching I would be still struggling. Coaching brought back confidence in me.
Thank you always Master Coach Nada Jreissati Daher.

Mona Osama Naamani, Life Coach , PragmaDoms

The course was full of understanding tools and materials that could be used within our workforce. It gives full awareness about yourself and others. Loves it! so one of my goals from now on would be continuity of the coaching certification and making it changing my life!!

Magaritta Hilal , Performance Management Specialist , Azadea Group

Life coach training with Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher the Owner of Pragmadoms and the Master Certified Coach Trainer has been an eye opener. Not only did I learn how to coach others, I learned how to coach myself and think and act in a totally new perspective. Not only was I encouraged to practice my techniques at an early stage of the process, I was walked through every part of it in a professional and caring manner. Thank you for this life changing experience.

Elie Daher, Life Coach , PragmaDoms

After the Executive & Leadership Coach Certification Program, I have changed my listening habits: Now I listen to understand, before I used to listen just to answer as well as the accountability made me take action.
I loved everything in this course especially that Now I really know who I am!!!

Aghnar Asad, -, -

The course was very interesting, engaging and informative. Its content was very deep very specific, very real and very applicable to all sects of businesses. The delivery of the information was smooth. I believe that it complements my career in counseling and it helps me grow my business. It could easily open doors for me in family businesses. I simply love it! I have great gratitude, respect and love for the Coach Nada Daher who was able to deliver the information in an easy and enjoyable way! She is a role-model to follow! So, attending this course was like a healing process for me. Each session was as relaxing as being in a "Spa". I wish it would never finish!!

Arij Kaissi, Business owner/Counselor/Educational Psycoloigst , Self -Employed

I really enjoyed practicing and it made me understand better the content. Thank you so much Coach Nada Daher for all the knowledge you shared with us; you are such a great person and coach at the same time.

Choda Mahboub, Performance Management Specialist , Azadea Group-Qatar

All important topics were covered very clearly.

Roger Raad, Field Sales Manager, Delta Trading, Time Management Workshop

Nada gave me room to find my answers and asked great questions when I got stuck. She provided a space where I felt safe to say what I was thinking and be who I am. She asked questions that helped me gain clarity on the projects I was working on. I went into the sessions looking to create a plan for my business. I expected that I would create a workshop. I was able to not only create an all day retreat but also a structure for a program to sell on my website and outlines for speaking topics. She also coached me around asking to be paid what I am worth as a coach. Now I am excited about my business and what the future holds. Thank you Nada!

Linda Heeler, PCC Coach, ICF

This workshop has given me the WOW effect that I have been searching for. It grounded me and made me realize my potentials and true value.

Not to say the least but MCCT Nada Daher as a person and a trainer is the biggest value in this workshop. The way she relates to each individual, her presence, energy, skills, empathy, knowledge...again made this a very rich experience.

I also loved the material and how it's delivered and divided to suit each client.

Last but not least, the environment and the people I met in this workshop are very unique and a big positive addition to my life.

I do believe that this workshop set me for a life time to come in so many aspects.

Thank you and much appreciation

Rania Al Khaldi, Life Coach-Relation needs Coach and Trainer, PragmaDoms

It's a life time changing experience. I look at life and people and events differently. I'm now able to forgive and forget. I'm now able to find something positive about each and every person I meet. I'm now able to understand people's behaviors and why they can be mean sometimes. I'm now able to be OK with all types of people.

I have the best tool to face everything bad and good that will happen in my life.

Thank God for you MCCT Nada Daher. I love you so much!

Samar Mouawad, Senior Speech and Language Therapist-Life Coach, Community Development Authority-Dubai,UAE

I loved the course; The content is rich and complete as well as the extra data we have access to is so helpful. The follow up offered to us does not exist in any other program. Mrs. Nada is a great teacher!! She captured us with her passion! So, taking the Executive & Leadership Coach Certification Program at PragmaDoms with the Master Certified Coach Nada Daher gave me much more than knowledge; it turned me into someone more positive, more powerful and more confident!! It really changed me!

Lara Naim, Regional HR Manager , Mondi MENA Lebanon, Accredited Executive & Leadership Coach

I can just say that it is an amazing and very strong program; all the sessions were of a very big interest and very well structured and the content, the materials and the presentation were very fruitful. So, I am so proud to be an ICF Coach via PragmaDoms. I am so impressed by the Coach Nada's Path! Her passion enlightened intensively mine! Big Thanks!!

Elissa Daher , Registered Nurse, CHU-NDS

It has been a great pleasure to work with the Pragmadoms team. They were both professional and efficient. They gave practical, clear and concise solutions, as well as filled in training gaps. This result was an increase in sales and a very positive workflow.
They are a great company to work with, and I recommend them for any business owner.

Nada Harb, C.E.O., FeatherRosa

La formation était trop intéressante, interaction, beaucoup d’informations, la façon de transmettre le message était très compétente, échange d’idées, participation. Mme Nada a crée un atmosphère positive et nous a permis to reconsidérer notre entourage.

Mireille Hannaoui, Secrétaire Exécutive, Rectorat - Bureau de l’Assistant du Recteur à l’Administration Publique, USEK

Joseph (Yaacoub) made things clearer and feasible, he opened new horizons.

Hala Al Assaad, Marketing Event for Coaches, Ghadah Paris

This experience made so many changes on different levels of my life. It enlightened and empowered me.

It was a great experience!
I am very happy to have lived it!

Thank you!!

Romy Raphael, Life Coach, PragmaDoms

I was able to apply all the advices you gave me. The coaching was very effective. And thanks to that, I am now a happier and more productive person at work.

Cynthia Semaan, Executive Assistant, Khazzaka Insurance Group

The Life& Personal Life coach certification program is excellent. It is an art of itself on how to bring the best out of people. I must say you are highly committed and dedicated to coaching which has motivated us all to dive more into it. Thank you for your support

Samar Geagea, Coach certification student, Life and Personal Coach

Enlightened a lot about the technics helping us in using the elegant words in everything in our life.

Elie Hanna, Hi-Tec Fitness, Hi-Tec Fitness

J’ai trop aimé la méthode d’éducation; c’était clair et facile. J’ai appris profondément à propos de ma personnalité, savoir parler, porter, marcher et parler, donc s’adapter avec l’environnement.

Karma Chaker, GS, General Secuity

It was the best decision I have done since a long time. Thank you Nada I am so proud to be your student !!!

Julian Tawil, Owner , Institut Juliana

Embarking in the coaching certification was the best decision I made. What I liked the most was the process used by Mrs. Nada Jreissati, combining theory and tools with lots of practice and follow up on learning. Mrs. Nada was moving us forward to ensure we become GREAT coaches.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be trained and coached by the one and only passionate and inspiring Master Coach Trainer, Mrs. Nada Jreissati. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

Thank you very much,

Lyssa Miskawi

Lyssa Miskawi, HR Manager , Afkar Holding Babel , leadership and executive coach

I'm forever grateful for having a program so fulfilling!I am looking forward to applying all I've learned and hoping to change lives with the power of coaching just as it has changes mine!

Big thank you for the positivism and the encouragement of the MCCT Nada Daher.

Diana El Kallassi, Life Coach, PragmaDoms

It was a very fruitful session that made me realize how important and essential it is to market yourself properly. There are so many details that I wasn't aware of and that I will be very 'micro-managing' from now on. Thank you PragmaDoms.

Mazen Bou Monsef, Leadership and Executive Coach, Marketing Event For Coaches

I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying being one of your team, you truly are a standout team leader because of your sheer dedication to your coachee, and I can’t think of one else who could have made this course special than you did.

Christian Ziady , Operation Manager, Master Chips

The workshop was so interesting, full of new information and rich. The trainer was also excellent and the passion she showed for the topic pushed us to be more interested. I am thankful for my company for the chance they gave me to attend this workshop and would like to go further in the same topic as well as thank you to Mrs. Nada Daher.

Rita Abi Nader, Senior Performance Management Specialist, Azadea Group

It was a wonderful opportunity to know, work and be trained by Nada. I loved every moment, am so grateful for what I had and I am looking forward to soar in the skies of coaching. Thanks a million Nada.

Ghenwa Achi, Coach certification student, Life and Personal Coach

I couldn’t ask for more from the traing.
I have learned a lot about how to be assertive and resolve conflicts; how to dress up to work; how to be more professional and how to organize my time and priorities.

Nay Abou Fayad, Bureau des Affaires Estudiantines, USEK

It was a great workshop in every aspect, from content to discussions. The coach was knowledgeable, straight to the point and delivered information smoothly.

H G, Lieutenant, General Security

I most liked about this program is that it was a great challenge for me. Putting a direct plan and actually doing it is just so achievable.

After completing it, I felt that I personally changed. I changed my perspective. Practice and sharing personal issues was the most turning point for me.

I am sure that I have learned and will practice everything I took in these 6 modules. Every penny was worth the experience and the time spent during the sessions. The best was getting to know Mrs. Nada Daher and learning plenty of experience stories from my colleagues.

in addition, I made a life time friends.

Thank you for everything!!

Dalia Ismail, Life Coach, PragmaDoms

It is related directly to our needs of communication; easily applied, clear and applicable so it is not just theoretical. It improved my Communication Skills at a personal level.

Marwa Al Sahli, Hi-Tec Fitness, Hi-Tec Fitness

Thank you so much Nada for the inspiration, motivation and LOVE

Mirna Anandi Chehayeb, Back Office, Al Mawared Bank

This workshop is a life changing experience. It is very empowering in the sense it reconfirms to us coaches and to our clients that human beings have all the answers to their questions which leaves you more independent, confident and on the right track.
What i loved most is this empowering tool that becomes part of our daily lives and part of our own selves.

I feel more complete as a person, mostly on emotional and mental level knowing I can help others reach their goals and the level of fulfillment and satisfaction. I now have and will always work on is most rewarding. The optimistic positive effect has left a smile on my face that I want to mirror on others.

Best part of the workshop: We love you MCCT Nada Daher.

Lama Makhzoumi Taher , Owner-Managing Director, 610 Fitness Concept

Thank you PragmaDoms Nada Jreissati Daher! As usual, enriching, fulfilling and full of great interactions! Looking forward to our next belt :)

Joyce Bejjani, Red Belt Attendee, Lebanon Reforestation Initiative

It made us all participating and I changed the way to think because now I start to think positively and to listen more to others. Plus, when I came back from this course, I made my researches on professor Emoto and his experience as well as on Emotional Intelligence

Rita Murad, GS, General Secuity

I was impressed by the content and the delivery of the workshop. It definitely highlighted certain aspects and ideas I had never thought of before.

Noushig Ghazarian, ., Amideast

This workshop helped me a lot, I found answers and solutions for problems related to time management. I will start implementing many new ways in my work that I've learned in this session.

Nicole Rbeiz , HR Coordinator, Delta Trading, Time Management Workshop

Throughout my experience in coaching , Nada was the only coach who had the ability to release my potential by strengthening my leadership background, providing honest & transparent feedback that can add value to my next step plan, being always on time to support my progress and I am always been inspired by her positive attitude when it comes to dealing with people, her great understanding of what others need from her and her serious beautiful smile.

JAMAL JASIM, Human Resources Manager, Azadea Group

With Joseph Yaacoub, the digital and social media complexity is made simple.

Rachid Kanaan, General Manager , Havas Worldwide Levant

Nada Jreissati Daher is a smart professional and a great presenter as well.

Stephanie Boueiz, Executive Assistant, Servcorp

Thank you Nada for the inspiring marketing workshop that was most needed for us as life coaches. As always yours is a signature of excellence.

Ghenwa Achi, Marketing Event for Coaches, Life and Personal Coach

Nada, you are an amazing coach, mentor, friend and person. Thank you for returning my motivation and willingness.

Beatrice Ghosn, Coach certification student, Freelance Coach

Participating in the HR for non-HR Managers training with Pragmadoms was a great opportunity to work with people who are passionate for their jobs and have a desire to assist others in becoming professional and give their best.
The HR for non-HR Managers training made a positive impact on our work:
It helped us improve our time management and organization skills; build new strategies; learn to listen better and enjoy working with people.
We would like to thank PragmaDoms Coach and Director Mrs. Nada J. Daher for her cooperation with us, and we can say that she has the type of personality to succeed at this type of business.

Sandy Ayoub and Manale El Hajj, HR Dpt, Hawa Chicken

I have learned lot of important information that gonna make a difference in my social life and surely at work.

Mabelle, GS, General Secuity

The seminar is very interesting, it provided us with amazing information that can improve the productivity and give results far more interesting then publicity, thank you

Juliana Tawil, Coach and owner of Institut Juliana, Marketing Event For Coaches

It was a great opportunity to grasp a clear vision for my future.The tools can be implemented to see where I can head and check how much results I can accomplish.

Charbel , Abou Hanna, Charbel Abou Hanna

I am so proud that I am officially a Certified Life Coach. I would love to thank you Master Coach Nada Jreissati Daher for this wonderful experience that we’ve shared together, for your lovely presence, your sincere care and your great support. I am glad to have met someone like you. You will be an example for me in life at many levels and especially that I learnt from you that no matter what happens to us, we should always keep moving forward.

Romy Raphael , Life Coach , PragmaDoms

Dearest Nada ,it truly was the best decision ever, to embark on a wonderful journey and ongoing with you and the lovely group! :)) thank you for the generosity you have shown in sharing your knowledge, so happy to have been your student!

Marie-Christine Melhem, Producer, Freelancer

I think the best way to put in words is that this program helped me getting in touch with myself and finding peace, turning every tough event into strength and a tool to build my future as well to be the positive no matter how negative it is.

It made me figure out that my weaknesses are my biggest strength.

thank you for guiding me, It was my turning point!

Tracy Najm, Life Coach, PragmaDoms

"Integrity, accountability, influence, fairness, analysis, troubleshooting, decision making" not only are these leadership attributes and skills innate, but they can be also honed and sharpened. Thank you Nada.

Hicham Katrib, Operation Manager, Delta Trading, “Build for the future” participant

What our coach students have to say about our program:

Executive and Leadership Coaching program, with Nada Jreissati Daher, allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education, to have a career that I will love!
I have always wanted to have my own business, but fear prevented me from taking the steps necessary to make it happen.
The certification of "Executive and leadership coaching ", gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work. After completing all the courses combined with the full support of PragmaDoms, it became the easiest decision I have ever had in my career; this certification helped me make my dreams come true!
Thank you Nada! Thank you PragmaDoms!
My only regret is, I wish, I had found you earlier!!


Nisrine Haddad Hachem

Nisrine Hachem Haddad, Owner, Lodestar Coaches for Executive and Leadership Coaching

I am an angry person and this course helped me to deal with my anger and to control it so to deal with people in a better way

Amina Ismael, GS, General Secuity

When I decided to become an Executive Coach, I researched the many coach certification programs and I am grateful that I chose Pragmadoms. The Program is a life changing experience. Not only has it made me a better coach but also a better communicator and a better visionary. The Program offers all the tools you need to succeed as a coach. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to THE Master Coach, Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher who was committed to our success and who inspired us to pursue the things we love the most! Outstanding Experience.

Hala Bou Khalil, Executive Coach , -, -

I just want to say thanks for today's session of coaching, it was really beyond whatever were my expectations, you really know how to communicate the concept, in fact I usually don't get interested in something I don't know anything about as I have no curiosity in this domain, but you really got my attention, appreciate your communication skills.

Till the next session...
My best Regards,

Ibrahim Jabbour, Export Coordinator , Daher Foods

I liked so much the topics, the structure and the systematic tools that were given to enhance our coaching. I definitely will able to implement most of what I've learned in my current role with more confidence, a better structure and surely with better results. Thanks Coach Nada Daher for your patience and for the knowledge that you have shared with us.

Amani Moussai, Performance Management Specialist -Team Leader, Azadea Group-UAE

The workshop was extremely useful on both professional and personal levels.
Such workshops help dealing with most difficult tasks while “boosting” friendly relationships between colleagues and employees.
Thank you for your time and valued efforts.

Pamela Ammoury Maalouf, Faculté d'Ingénierie, USEK

Your way of delivering the training lead us to a much better understanding and knowledge.

Joumana Haddad, Chief Control Unit, Delta Trading, Time Management Workshop

I am one of the first batch of Executive and Leadership coaches from Pragmadoms, and I am glad to share my personal experience with everyone. You get from Pragmadoms much more than what you expect. Rich content, Credibility, Value and the most important thing is the great support that you get from Mrs. Nada. A full support that you can’t get anywhere else. She knows how to keep burning the passion in each one of us.
I'm where I should be, I found my passion and I am currently realizing my dream and I would not have been able to do it without Pragmadoms and specifically Mrs. Nada. Thank you for giving me everything I need to succeed.

Mariella Bassar, Executive and Leadership Coach , Mariella Bassar

When we were at the vision board workshop in January, Nada told us that she was surprised when she realized that everything on her vision board was achieved. I wondered how can we accomplish something if we don’t have it every day in front of us as a reminder.
Well, I have placed my vision board in a closet and last week I took it and I was completely amazed.
Not only have I achieved 90% of it but I have succeeded in completing one point that until now I never managed to accomplish 

I will definitely renew it this year!

Lara, Naim , -, -

I found it very thoughtful of mrs Nada to motivate us to move forward in our career as coaches, in this event/ training. We gained new tools and new ideas to use to our marketing plan. Of course we need more details and training regarding how to use social media. Thanks again!

Elie J. Khoury , Leadership and Executive Coach, Marketing Event For Coaches

Un cours important pour les employés; il est très intéressant anime et varie; léger et profond, facile a assimiler. Il se distingue par un effet durable vu son sujet et son but.

Claude Achkar, Secrétaire administrative, Bureau d'Alumni, USEK

The program is one of a kind. It was like a dream coming true. I cannot contain y excitement!The program enables you at the end to easily write your framework and choose your niche. The program also charges you on a personal level, it helps you look at things in you from different perspective.

Hala Bou Khalil, -, Hala Bou Khalil

Again, I feel so lucky to be one of PragmaDoms' coaches. PragmaDoms is proving that they care about their coaches and is dedicated to providing them with efficient tools to make their coaching path easy. Thank you Nada for this much needed marketing session

Raya Frem Daou, Leadership and Executive Coach, Marketing Event For Coaches

A great workshop, all the thoughts related to me in many areas. I firmly believe that applying all the principles will increase productivity and communication.

R N, Lieutenant, General Security, Leadership workshop participant

Pragmadoms and its founder Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher have again went the extra mile to ensure that their Coaches are receiving all the tools they need to distinguish them in the market. Thank you for providing us with this great opportunity to realize how important marketing ourselves in a professional manner is. Alongside all the tips necessary to have an astonishing and rewarding social media presence. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Elie Daher, Marketing Event for Coaches , Business Developper at PragmaDoms

This workshop helped me to think in a different and tangible way and to be more oriented towards results; because of this workshop/program coaching is my passion!!

Chantal Abboud, -, -

Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher, you were a light in my life, maybe a gift. Thank you so much for motivating me in many ways!!!

Aline Khoury Karam , Life Coach , -

It was a very good lecture, the information exceeded our expectations, and we have discovered through detailed knowledge the art of leadership and balance power in a strict yet flexible way.

S B, Lieutenant, General Security

I have realized that coach is the most powerful form of leadership I can practice. Thanks to my coach trainer Nada Daher as she was the one who made me believe and understand the need of executive coaching. With Nada’s help as a trainer, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself and what are the keys for a successful coach.

Mohamed Hasan Marhoon, Performance Management Specialist, Azadea Group LLC

Today was a very interesting one, I learned a lot and discovered rich tools for marketing. Thank you PragmaDoms.

Layal Majed, Marketing Event for Coaches, Leadership and Executive Coach

I totally recommend coaching with Nada. She is positive, encouraging, and consistent.
With her support, I’ve achieved things I never thought possible for myself. I’ve learned things about myself that I didn’t know, and I didn’t even know that I needed to know them!
And there’s another benefit I hadn’t expected; coaching with Nada takes your personal struggles out of your personal relationships and that’s really liberating.
You have an expert’s support and ideas to deal with things that otherwise can preoccupy you and drag you down.

Wissam El Hajj, IT Manager, Hawa Chicken, One-on-one executive coaching

I was lucky to learn from a master Coach like Nada. It made me think how to improve myself s a person and how to use effective tools to help others improve into better persons.

Lama Kallas, -, Averda

Thank you PragmaDoms Nada Jreissati Daher! As usual, enriching, fulfilling and full of great interactions! Looking forward to our next belt :)

Joyce Bejjani, Red Belt Attendee, Lebanon Reforestation Initiative

I was searching for a new start in my career but the experience I had with
Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher and PragmaDoms was beyond my expectations. It was
much more than a certification. It was a process, a path of change, a "point B"
reached effectively! Mrs Nada's high level of professionalism, commitment
and the passion for coaching were so inspiring and motivating.
I thank you my Coach for this new beginning. You made this happen!

Hala Al Assaad , Black Belt Leadership and Executive Coach , Ghadah Paris

I would like to extend my heartfelt Thank you for the 2 amazing and fulfilling days we have spent getting introduced to the world of Executive Coaching.
It's true that the Orange Belt is just the start, the whole approach is to me a way to deliver better results in the workplace and at home.
I am fascinated and challenged by this new world and already have a tons of questions to ask concerning the way forward.

Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!

Joyce Bejjani, Executive and Leadership Coach Certification Attendee, Orange Belt

This program was a life changing journey.
It implements highlights about all the major areas for people evolution.
I feel so grateful for the depth of the approach and the particularity of this experience.

I wish I have registered years ago for such a transformational experience. You do not wear same eyeglasses after this program. You learn best tools and perspectives to make your world and other world a better place for flourishing instead of copying.

Oline Jabbour, Life Coach, PragmaDoms

One of the best things I have done so far in my life was enrolling in the program that Pragmadoms offered in Life and Executive Coaching. I found out about it by pure coincidence, a week before it was due to start. All it took was a phone call to Nada Daher Jreissati the owner and the formidable lady behind all of this. The workshops were intense; there was a lot of material to cover and go through, however all was done with so much clarity and precision. I could not wait for the practice sessions to take place! The icing on the cake was the Practice Workbook and CD which were handed to us on Certification Day. What a treat that was and what a valuable asset to have in our possession. This book never leaves my sight, I can assure you that. I believe that in order to excel at something in life one needs a combination of two things, deep knowledge of the subject as well as passion. Nada certainly masters and has both! As Nada always told us " I would like you to be great coaches" I am determined to be one of them! Thank you Nada for introducing me to the wonderful world of Coaching. I shall certainly miss you..

Leslie Chammas Nasr , Life and Personal Coch, Life and Personal Coach Student

Performance, betterment and achieving goals might sound a Utopia in these complex and fast-changing times. But the Black Belt Leadership and Executive Coach Certification gave me the right and proven tools to help my clients move forward in a sustainable way. It is an 'InterGraal' program.

Rachid Kanaan, Leadership and Executive Coach, Black Belt Certification

It improves our social lives and treats us to be more suitable to our position and how to deal with others. I liked the last session about appearance.

Hadil El Abed, GS, General Secuity

• This is a must training for all levels at the hospital and we wish to have similar training all year long.
• Excellent course; not boring, rich in activities and interaction
• Please repeat this course frequently
• C’était une formation tres interessante, jái appris comment il faut se comporter d’unne bonned facon avec les patients de l’hopital et dehors. Tout etait excellent. Please keep it up
• It was an interesting training and everything was amazing. It has helped me to learn more perspectives of communications on both professional and personal level.
• I was really inspired by your style, and even though I have been for long at the hospital, this is one of the best trainings I had. I thank you for your time, enthusiasm and the generosity in sharing information.
• You are truly professional coach and leader.

Interpersonal communication attendees, Participants, CHU-NDS

Because of this Life Coaching given by Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher, I have now a New Life, New Perspective, New Challenges and sure later on it will be a New Me!!

Zeina Hariri Berjaoui, Life Coach , -

I liked the fact that we talked about details we use every day and not just at work.
The way the trainers presented the course was excellent; we felt comfortable. I also liked that the fashion etiquette, the body language and the personality test will help me in my social life.

Lea Yeretsian, GS, General Security

Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher is a life changing instructor and career. She has changed my life and my perception to myself. Therefore, she made me a happy person without even knowing. Her smile and simple push were enough for me to know what I should be doing and doing it with passion. She brought this certification to Lebanon not only to teach, but to teach with love and genuine care; this is reflected on me as a human being and I owe her a lot. I never thought that a stranger can moderate and lip my life upside down until the day I met her and started Life Coaching. And finally, after 35 years, I now have a role model and an Idol who is simply her.

Elham Rbeiz , Life Coach , -

Taking the Executive & Leadership Coach certification Program at PragmaDoms with the Master Certified Coach Nada jreissati Daher gave me a different approach to issues and I started looking at the world with a different set of eyes!!

Lily Bassil Merheb, -, Indevco Group

"When we first started the executive coaching sessions with Nada it was somehow difficult and loaded with frameworks, examples, and new approaches that i am not used to, but after reading the books, watching the online videos, and exercising over Skype with Nada I can say things turns to the other direction where i started to enjoy executive coaching and understood how much it is valuable in my work and life..."

Finally i would like to thank you Nada for all the support, time and patience you gave me during the sessions.

Wish you all the best,

Roy Chahine , HR manager, Azadea Group Holding

Nada is intelligent, intuitive, talented, supportive, inspiring and above all, a trustworthy individual and an outstanding coach with a high level of dedication to her work.
PragmaDoms made a great impact at Daher Foods.

Martine Ghantous Cortas, HR Manager, Daher Foods, “Build for the future” participant

I owe you a big thanks for whatever i overcame today. You are different than others. I have known trainers but they were only trainers unlike you. You have unleashed the beast of life and happiness in me and yes you have for sure left marks and foot prints in people's life. I do seriously wish you were and always been my boss. Work wud have been so fun with you as everyday wud for sure been an added value to my life. Knowing you is a gift

Omar Hayek, Training & Development Coordinator, Delta Trading

The course delivers many valuable information and a great knowledge when it comes to coaching so I am eager to learn it more through practicing it and applying it to make changes in my life.

Farah Karout, Senior Performance Management Specialist, Azadea Group

Your way of conducting and delivering the training is very fresh and easy to understand. The strategies, case, team work that were used are very easy to understand.

Ms. Christeen Abdayem , HR Coordinator, Delta Trading, Time Management Workshop

Now I know how to organize my time.

Maher Azzi , Branch Manager, Delta Trading, Time Management Workshop

Thank you nada for the Great teaching!!!!(

Maud Beyrouthy, Executive and Leadership Coach Certification Attendee, Orange Belt

Thank you for coaching us, I can’t wait to use all the tips I've learned today, I am sure they will be a great benefit.

R F, Officer, General Security

It was a very enriching experience on both professional and personal level. During that course I had my "AHA" moment. I found what I was looking for in all my professional life: an outlet of my talents aligned with my passion!

Thank you MCCT Nada Daher for investing your life to help others find and pursue what they were born to do.

Looking forward to continue developing with the help of PragmaDoms!

Joy Mary Barbara, Life Coach, PragmaDoms

PragmaDoms' curriculum added fluidity, agility and focus to my coaching. 
It is worth every penny invested.

Jihane Akiki, Human Resources Professional | Senior Recruitment, Talent Management, HR Development, Change & Executive Coaching, -, www.jihaneakiki.com