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Oftentimes, people feel the need for a career change because they want to contribute and add value to the lives of others. They have a desire to make a positive impact on individuals who are struggling with a challenge that they themselves have overcome, or simply want to see change effected in people's lives because they believe that it is possible. This “calling,” as it may seem, comes to people from different walks of life, careers, or backgrounds. You may be a fresh graduate, a homemaker taking care of your own kids, or a self-employed entrepreneur with a thriving business. You may even be a high profile executive who has successfully been leading a company, and looking for a way to leave an even more tangible impact in people's lives.


Becoming a Life Coach is increasingly becoming a popular career option, but its concept and practice have been around since the time of great thinkers and philosophers. Coaching as it is practiced today involves being an accountability partner, a sounding board, an encourager and a committed accomplice to an individual's personal growth and success. Becoming a life coach places you in a position of influence and trust, which involves resposibility and trustworthiness. It is a career that has the potential to bring a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, in terms of its positive impact on the life of the individual being coached.


Coaching in Lebanon is a relatively new but growing career opportunity. There is a large client base waiting for effective and certified coaches, who are qualified to coach individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds. PragmaDoms is the only institution in Lebanon with a an accredited program from a master certified coach.  We can help you grow into your fullest potential as a life coach.