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Customer Service Commitment Profile (CSCP)


Customer Service Excellency


Team Discovery Series

Customer service is something that is often talked about, but rarely delivered. An important first step in the process of improving customer service in your organization is to look at the level of commitment to providing outstanding service that currently exists.

Step One:

The Customer Service Commitment Profile (CSCP) is designed to help individuals understand how much “service excellence” is offered to customers. This is done from both an individual’s view of the level of service excellence they personally offer their customers, and their opinion of the level of service excellence offered by their organization as a whole.

Because customer service excellence is a large and often complex area, this profile breaks the subject down into six categories, which are:

1.       Leadership & Vision Casting

2.       Listening to Your Customers

3.       Setting Standards of Excellence

4.       Empowering Individuals

5.       Building Processes & Systems

6.       Providing Rewards & Recognition

As well as identifying strengths, this questionnaire will help identify which of these six categories are inhibiting customer service so that individuals, teams and organizations can more clearly target what needs to change.

The information provided will only be useful of the person completing the questionnaire is as honest and accurate as possible, and focuses on their perception of customer service as it exists in the organization today

Step Two:

Detailed coaching tools will be developed for every question in the profile, and will assist in targeting development more accurately to “drill down” and discover actions taken to improve where low scores appeared, rather than working on the overall competencies.