“Mentoring has helped me to get forward in my coaching, I now know how to follow all competencies of PCC and to follow the PCC markers during a coaching session.”

Noha BadrLife Coach

“Nada is intelligent, intuitive, talented, supportive, inspiring, and above all a trustworthy individual and an outstanding coach with a high level of dedication to her work. PragmaDoms made a great impact at Daher Foods.”

Martine Ghantous CortasHR Manager, Daher Foods

“The structure and the systematic tools that were given to enhance our coaching. I definitely will able to implement most of what I’ve learned in my current role with more confidence, a better structure and surely with better results.”

Amani MoussaiPerformance Management Specialist, Azadea Group UAE

“I have realized that coach is the most powerful form of leadership I can practice. Thanks to my coach trainer Nada Daher as she was the one who made me believe and understand the need of executive coaching. With Nada’s help as a trainer, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself and what are the keys for a successful coach.”

Mohamed Hasan MarhoonPerformance Management Specialist, Azadea Group LLC

“Nada was the only coach who had the ability to release my potential by strengthening my leadership background, providing honest & transparent feedback that can add value to my next step plan, being always on time to support my progress.”

Jamal JasimHR Manager, Azadea Group

“New valuable piece of puzzle added to my leadership skills – I will never stop when I am tired, I will stop when I am done.”

Wissam SayeghIndevco

“Very interesting and fruitful session, it gives insights on how a good coach can succeed while armed with the right tools and techniques.”

Carole Abdel MassihIndevco

“This Life Coach Certification will increase your knowledge, your self-confidence, the way you deal with the outside world, and most importantly yourself.”

Lena ZeitouniLife Coach

“With each session at PragmaDoms you leave with a feeling of utter validation and empowerment that would ultimately help you in pursuing a successful career strategy.”

Hala IraniLife Coach

“Nada truly deserves the description of Master Coach. Going through the Program with her has been a wonderful and enriching experience. Nada’s excellence in teaching has made me apply what i have learned all along on myself, making me a stronger and more determined individual.”

Leslie NasrLife Coach