The way to your passion…
Valentine’s Day was a turn out point in my life. It is the day where people express love to each other, how much they care about each other.
It is the day I decided to show myself, how much I love my dreams and goals and want to work hard to achieve them. It is the day I started my life coaching certification.
With a background in psychology, Business Management and Digital Marketing, I was always the girl who seeks continuous learning, and always loves what she does but there was always something missing.
I only discovered my passion when I started my life coaching certification with PragmaDoms.
Here I would love to thank Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher, for her continuous support, for the valuable and powerful material she provides, and her way in presenting it that is so different and unique, and also in believing in me and my dreams.

Lara BoueryLife Coach

Journey to my Dream!

I am a woman that strive to develop strong connection with herself and others. My main intent is to inspire and share a sense of motivation and inspiration where my thoughts are opened to growth and learning. This took me into my new passion for life coaching with Pragmadoms, and made my dream become visible in this little project I am creating. This new journey won’t be other than a tribute to the great and passionate master coach Nada Daher Jreissati following with me getting excellence, and leading to strong bond in friendships with my collegues. My new passion became substantial, distinct, and everlasting, bringing excitement with a sense of unique meaning, a powerful language that gets me more to the learning of myself and the being of my clients.


Suzanne NahedLife Coach

PragmaDoms took us in a journey that blends our learning with the international experience and transform our thoughts into valuable actions.

Ahmad OraibiExecutive Coach

PragmaDoms helped me in less than a year to change on the personal and professional level, it helped me determine the next steps in my life and career, and showed me how wonderful it is to be a coach, have a coach and just be part of this amazing journey.

Raphael YamminCFO & HR MANAGER at Aljadeed TV

PragmaDoms helped me to rediscover and embrace new aspects of myself and to experience a mindset shifting. Most importantly it made me aware of the importance of believing and working towards a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Celine RiachiLife Coach

I’m forever grateful for having a program so fulfilling! I am looking forward to applying all I’ve learned and hoping to change lives with the power of coaching just as it has changed mine. Big thank you for the positivism and the encouragement of the MCCT Nada Daher.

Diana El KallasiLife Coach

I am so grateful I have met a person like Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher who doesn’t care about coaching only from a business perspective but who considers it her own mission in life. That’s the main reason she has been able to mentor me not only to become accredited by ICF as an Executive and Leadership Coach through PragmaDoms but also to put all my learning into action and overcome all challenges standing in the way of starting my own business so I can finally and practically make my dream come true.
Thank you for your continuous efforts, for all the opportunities and mostly for believing in me.

Nancy Abu JawdehExecutive and Leadership Coach

To share my experience with PragmaDoms, and Mrs. Nada Jreissati Daher, I can say it was an experience, well out of this world, one that made me believe in time traveling, throughout the program, 15 years of my life passed through my eyes , each word used , had a treasure inside it.

To highlight on the most important thing in this journey , it wasn’t only the information presented during the course, but the way Mrs. Nada presents the information and the love and care in each word and how it can be used in everyday life, she speaks our language, our culture and understands what our market suffers from the most, she used her international experience to make us understand ourselves and others .
And that is simply priceless.

Thank you Nada, thank you PragmaDoms .

Mohamad MedlejLife & Executive Coach

“This Life Coach Certification will increase your knowledge, your self-confidence, the way you deal with the outside world, and most importantly yourself.”

Lena ZeitouniLife Coach

“With each session at PragmaDoms you leave with a feeling of utter validation and empowerment that would ultimately help you in pursuing a successful career strategy.”

Hala IraniLife Coach